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Save Time and Money Marketing Your Business by Working Direct with an Independent and Proven Marketing Copywriter 

Book a discovery call if you are: worried that you are paying more than others for marketing your business or can't Stand Out online?

Fast Turn-Around
You will have direct access (no time wasting middle man).

Top Talent 5 Star Rated
Hiring an indendent and top talented copywriter marketer - can help you grow your business more efficiently and for less than a marketing agency. 

Stick to Your Budget
No marketing hourly rates, just project-based pricing.

Hi, Monique here.

Thanks for visiting my website. It is always a wonder if anyone does research anymore before making decisions. Sounds like my ad persuaded you just a tiny bit? (that is copywriting).

First, I want to let you know that I work virtually, indepedently and only for a handful of select clients. So that you can get my best work and attention.

I don't overwhelm myself like most marketers. Leaving clients feeling abandoned and annoyed. I don't allow my income or ego to get in the way of offering the best customer service.

I started working as a copywriter marketer after 20+ years of almost always outperforming cohorts in sales jobs.

Completed a BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing certificate and worked as a volunteer.

Now I get to sell in writing. I built my 5-Star reputation by listening closely to business owners and offering solutions. Offering quick turn-around-times, fair prices, and regular collaboration (I won't disappear after you pay me - unless it's after hours and or the weekend #lifeworkbalance). 

I enjoy collaboration and brainstorming with you closely. No middle men to distort conversations and increase rates.


Just you and me. A team. The same side.

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Words from happy clients.

"I have only used the services of Business Advertising Media for one month, but in this short time I have been enormously impressed. All of the marketing firms I have previously engaged were disappointing, so this experience has been particularly gratifying. Could not be easier to work with, nor more knowledgeable: I give Business Advertising Media my absolute highest recommendation."



 Criminal Defense Attorney in Illinois

"Monique is a true expert!! I realized very quickly that she really knows digital marketing and that I had a lot to learn. In one hour, I was able to understand what was missing from branding my own business online (MM Seattle SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic) for search engine ranking. Monique has a passion for the industry and shares information freely in a very engaging delivery. I was very appreciative of her generosity to share her insights."



Scalp Micropigmentation Salon Owner and Artist

 Seattle WA

"When I first started working with Monique, I didn’t have anything except a small amount of equipment and high hopes. She took the time to make sure that my ads reflected everything that I was capable of doing and to get them seen by my target audience. In no time at all, I was getting calls for service. Within a few short months, my weekly schedule was full of recurring customers and I actually had trouble keeping up with the amount of work that I was getting. I could not have imagined that one person could make such a difference in my success. I’m so grateful that I found Monique. I highly recommend her services."


Lawncare Business Owner, Charlotte NC

"Dr. Young here! Love the work. Love the enthusiasm. Love the passion to connect with people and to reach out and be helpful. So many people in the social media business know the jargon and what to say but Monique gets the job done."



Chiropractor in Lakewood, Washington 

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"Jack of all trades, master of none"

is a figure of speech used in reference to a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on only one.

Well, I am focused on one. That is copywriting marketing. I write to help my clients stand out online above their competitors. If you are looking for an expert marketer copywriter that can save you money and time then book a discovery call.

Search Engine Marketing

Okay so this is where the money is made. When someone types in a search query that shows intent to convert - you want to appear on that search engine result page. 

I write ads, target audiences and keywords so that we can best compete and for less. 

I only target long-tail search keywords that show intent so that you don't appear for the wrong phrases and waste your monthly ad spend.

Social Media Marketing

Don't think posting on Facebook helps? Have not seen any conversions from Facebook? You likely won't.

Facebook content and PPC ads are meant to build your reputation - not to convert traffic. 

It is the fuel to your online presence. 

You need it. That simple. 

This is where potential customers elminate choices. If you are not on social media posting educational, inspiring or entertaining posts that show you are the expert in the field - they will go to the busienss that looks like they know what they are doing.

Startup Business Consulting

Not sure what the heck you are doing anymore. Feel overwhelmed and need someone to look over your website, platforms, ads, and or online presence - to get some feedback and direction?

Stop wasting your time and money on ads if your website is a mess or your ads are "vanilla" like. 

Avoid writing plain ads. You will waste your time and money.

Let's Discuss Now 

Get in touch with Monique and Scale Faster than Going it Alone...

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I'll Respond within 24 hours

If you have an urgent marketing matter or need immediate assistance, please give me a call.

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