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Time is Money

What do you get for $1200 a month ?

You get direct access to your own marketer online. Someone that is micro-managing your search engine marketing.


driving qualified traffic to your website.

someone available 7 days a week by appointment.

So you don't have to wait until Monday, to get answers.

marketing is handled efficiently for you.

You get someone available after hours.

so you don't have to interrupt your focus from your business - during the day.

Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses Like Yours.

 I will actively manage your online ad campaigns to reduce cost per click, rank you higher on google, grow your social media following, and post 15 pieces of content per month to build engagement with new leads and generate sales from social

*one Google Ad campaign

*One Facebook paid per click ad

*social media management

3rd Party Ad spend Not Included  

Felicia M., Realtor

During my consultation...she gave me so much information I had to pull out a note pad and take notes. She’s definitely someone I will come back for help with social media.

J. Cooper, Virtual Reality Arcade

I have to say.... Monique has been a major breathe of fresh air. Just looking at our Facebook engagements are gaining traction. We have reached 1533 people for a 83% increase. This is major go Mo!!!!!!!

Dr. Young, Chiropractor

Dr. Young here! Love the work. Love the enthusiasm. Love the passion to connect with people and to reach out and be helpful. So many people in the social media business know the jargon and what to say but Monique gets the job done.

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Why Hire Me?

Because You Want Some Competitive and successful on Your Side.

I have ranked clients on the 1st page of Google, cut their cost per click by over 50%, have had Google ads rated a 9/10 quality score (which helps reduce your cost per click) and consulted business owners on how to get leads. And when they did what I said - within 24 hours -  they received inbound leads. 


Since 2013, I have worked with over 20+ businesses successfully and have been trusted and rated 5/5 stars by clients on Google and Facebook. 

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Business advertising Media llc, 2020 - Monique Marcano - (virtual office) 845 Montgomery ct -  27052 NC -  425-273-4141 (eastern time)

digital Marketing for small business U.S.A