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Marketing Consultant Near Me - that can Increase Your Sales and Write Ads to Help you Stand Out

Solo business? Or Startup? Suck at writing sales copy?Need Marketing that is affordable and that can help you STAND out? 
Hire a Successful Copywriter and feel better sooner. 


Established 2017


Contact me immediately.

Don't have time to write amazing ads or manage your ad dollars then reach out for marketing help today and feel better. 

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Never have enough time to write amazing content and regularly? Frustrated with it all? You think that Facebook simply does not work?


Facebook is a touch point but not the final transaction spot. This is a place to engage, educate and entertain your fan base without spamming them.


If you find yourself promoting over and over then STOP. You are killing your brand. Reach out for more information, consulting or to hire me to take over your FB content marketing and PPC and save money and time. 


How does Google marketing help a business?

Attracting meaningful traffic to your website is hard work. Making sales and conversion from that traffic is a lot harder.

But if you suck at writing sales copy then you will want the help of a copywriter.


So that you can target the right audience, even steal your competitor's traffic, increase sales, feel less stressed and have more free time.



Copywriting is the most important part of any ad.


The job of an ad is to convince and persuade your potential customer.


 if you are not convincing and persuading in your ad then you are wasting your time posting.


You don't want to simply post your service when you have competitors that have the same service.


 You want to touch on the pain points of your audience and resolve it while pointing out how you are their best choice.


Not just another choice.


Confused and overwhelmed with all the options available to market and not able to keep up with all the posting then reach out to a marketing consultant and clear your mind and get directed in the right direction.

If you have a unique item that you want to promote and feel that you are throwing money on PPC ads and not getting results and spending a ton, then reach out for training or consulting remotely on video and feel better. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which marketing is best for small business?

If you are boot strapping and great at writing persuasively (copywriting) and have at least $60 a month then write persuasive ads on Craigslist and post every 3 days. 

I can't tell you how many people are shocked when I suggest this. But it works! Trust me! I know first hand!

The next step is to get set up on Local listings (GMB) such as Google and or Bing. And post weekly about your specials, behind the scene photos and even inspirational quotes that are inline with your industry.

What if I sign up with you and I don't get inbound leads?

First that is a legit concern. Nobody has money to throw away especially when in startup mode.

I don't take on a client unless I am confident that their website will convert the relevant traffic that I will bring in with my copywriting.

But if for some reason the market is slow and you don't get inbound leads? 


offer a 30 day guarantee. In that, you get the 2nd month of ad management free.

Once the 2nd month is complete, you don't have to renew. It is that simple. 

Why Hire Help?

Simply put having an experienced marketing consultant on your side - will indeed save money on cost per click (ad spend) and time .

if you don't practice writing persuasively day after day then you will have a hard time writing ads that increase your bottom line.


In addition, you are losing money on ad spend. I say this because small business owners just don't have time to micro manage search keyword terms and choose the lowest cpc search terms.

If you don't have time to study copywriting and write persuasive ads then you are wasting your time.

Why Hire Monique

I know there are many marketing agencies and copywriters. And the one reason, I suggest that I am a great choice is because I have the testimonials and I have a portfolio of my work - that shows that I can write amazing ads that Google places on the 1st page; often and sometimes in the 1st spot. Even Google gives my ads priority.

In testimonials, my client's state that they got sales almost immediately.


In addition, with other agencies, you have no clue as to who is working on your account. 

I am a candid and transparent business woman that wants my clients to succeed.


michael cavanaugh image.PNG

Criminal Defense Attorney, Michael Cavanaugh
Gurnee, Illinois

I have only used the services of Business Advertising Media for one month, but in this short time I have been enormously impressed. All of the marketing firms I have previously engaged were disappointing, so this experience has been particularly gratifying. Could not be easier to work with, nor more knowledgeable: I give Business Advertising Media my absolute highest recommendation.

Minela Micropigmentation.jpg

Micropigmentation, Business Owner, Minela.  Seattle, WA

Monique is a true expert!! I realized very quickly that she really knows digital marketing and that I had a lot to learn. In one hour, I was able to understand what was missing from branding my own business online (MM Seattle SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic) for search engine ranking. Monique has a passion for the industry and shares information freely in a very engaging delivery. I was very appreciative of her generosity to share her insights.

Aaron Busch Image.PNG

Custom Office Furniture Designer and Business Owner, Aaron Busch.
Portland, Oregon

 I would like to report that ALL the inquires I’ve been getting are exactly what I’ve been wanting. Commercial clients!!! My email is totally dead on the weekends which I like. And BTW I am totally slammed with work, and have at least one more on the ropes. Your ads are working. 


Henry with discount electric.jpg

Henry G
President, Network Energy Xchange
Dallas, Texas

My name is Henry, President of Network Energy Xchange... we have never used Social Media... tried it out with Monique with Business Advertising Media Marketing Copywriter... and she did Amazing... very Professional, on time... works with a Sense of Urgency and Best of All... GOT IMMEDIATE RESULTS... WE STARTED GENERATING REVENUE WITHIN 24-48 HRS AFTER GOING LIVE...Customers were coming in.... So I highly recommend Monique...

kate Boswell.png

Kate B.
Owner, Home Pet Vet -Pet Care Services 
Seattle, WA


Monique was very quick to respond to my marketing inquiry and she was excited about my project that she started working on it while we were getting to know each other. I immediately received responses from her content marketing during that initial conversation. She has been the best of any marketing people I have worked with: efficient, passionate, affordable and simply a breath of fresh air!

Shannon Hunt.jpg

Shannon H.
Owner, Yard Dog Lawncare
Charlotte, NC

I contacted Monique when I was starting my own business. I had no clue how to go about getting customers. I just knew that I wanted to work for myself. Monique instantly took control of the situation and within a week I had four potential customers. Monique is a professional and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be successful.

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