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"If You Are Scared To Do Something Then Do It Scared..."

Hello, my name is Monique M., and I am a digital marketing consultant and copywriter that specializes in writing amazing headlines, subhead lines and content that talks to the pain points of potential customers.


My ads (copywriting) talks about your business value proposition and

points out how your company or service is their only best option.


My goal is to create ads that are compelling and speak directly to the potential customer.

And I create ads that compete against other marketers, for the click, in your behalf, on a search engine result page such as: Google, Bing or Yahoo.

You will get ads created and managed that don't look spammy. Which will save you money on ad spend.


My goal is to create ads that will catch a persons attention; so that they will slow down with their newsfeed scrolling and click on our ad on Facebook.

So we can save money on cpc and increase your traffic and sales. 

I am very competitive and have ranked ads on the 1st page of Google for many clients which increased their conversions by up to 30%.

I offer transparent, respectful and no BS collaboration at a flat rate.

If you don't give up, are driven (like myself), respectful and responsible

then please reach out to see if we are a match for each other.

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Michael T. Cavanaugh, Attorney at Law Business Owner, Illinois

"I have only used the services of Business Advertising Media for one month, but in this short time I have been enormously impressed. All of the marketing firms I have previously engaged were disappointing. So this experience was gratifying. Could not be easier to work with, nor more knowledgeable: I give Business Advertising Media my absolute highest recommendation."

Dr. Young, Natural Medicine and Chiropractor

Seattle, WA 

"Dr. Young here! Love the work. Love the enthusiasm. Love the passion to connect with people and to reach out and be helpful. So many people in the social media business know the jargon and what to say but Monique gets the job done."

"Monique is the real deal. The leads to my agency have definitely increased since she has been a part of our agency. I really recommend her services to anyone. Her attention to detail is second to none. Again, I highly recommend her services. Thanks in advance."


This is a great opportunity to let educate, inspire, and engage your fan base. Letting them know that you know your industry inside and out.

This is not the time to bore them with over promoting. 


Which is what most business owners do and then they say that "FB does not work..."

Likely your posts don't work. (sorry to say)

wix webdesign

You have the business idea and are ready to take it to the next level, tired of posting on Craigslist.

Get a one-page informative customized Wix website that includes keywords for organic traffic, calls to action, and sales copy in one-page.

Google sem

If you are serious about your business and are ready to stop wearing so many hats then hire a Google marketing specialist and copywriter that understands how to reduce cost per click by micro-managing Google ads. I create ads that speak directly to the pain points of the audiences and apply long-tail keywords to our campaigns. Ones that show intent to increase conversions. 

Focus on your business and let me bring write ads that will increases traffic to your business and sales.

Ad live Training for fb or google

You are bootstrapping and an entrepreneur.


I get it.


You are not ready to hire a marketer and copywriter.

You have time to handle your own marketing since business is slow.


Learn from a copywriter that ranks ads on the 1st page of Google. Someone who knows how to reduce cost per click. And that can teach you how to write compelling ads that attract quality clicks. 

All on a shared screen from the comfort of your home.


I would love to hear from you 

Get Your Own Marketing Specialist and Save | One Partner | Efficient

Availability 7 days a week | Evenings | Responding within 24 hours


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Completed 2015


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