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You prefer to work with a successful 5-Star efficient and independent marketing consultant.

Local SEO Set-up

Social Media Marketing on Facebook (SMM) and Page Management

Search Engine Marketing on Google (SEM)

Start-up Consulting

Michael Cavanaugh,

Attorney at Law.

Gurnee, Illinois

"I have only used the services of Business Advertising Media for one month, but in this short time I have been enormously impressed. All of the marketing firms I have previously engaged were disappointing. So this experience was gratifying. Could not be easier to work with, nor more knowledgeable: I give Business Advertising Media my absolute highest recommendation."

J. Cooper, Virtual Reality Arcade. Renton, WA

I have to say.... Monique has been a major breathe of fresh air. Just looking at our Facebook engagements are gaining traction. We have reached 1533 people for a 83% increase. This is major go Mo!!!!!!!

Dr. Young, Chiropractor

Lakewood, WA

Dr. Young here! Love the work. Love the enthusiasm. Love the passion to connect with people and to reach out and be helpful. So many people in the social media business know the jargon and what to say but Monique gets the job done.

Search Engine Marketing

For the business individual that has no time for long drawn out consulting from a large agency and middle men.

You want to save money by hiring your own independent marketing freelancer that is available 7 days a week.


You want first class service, candid, respectful, and realistic but efficient responses that are to the point with

no BS.

You are ego-free, kind and respectful.


Grow your business and attract potential customers that search with intent to purchase today or tomorrow on Google and or Bing.

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Social Media Marketing

No different than a Coca Cola commercial that pops up on television over and over again, your social media page reminds your fans about your service or product.


Keep on the top of mind of your followers and fans with posts that get comments, shares, engagement and leads. And most importantly builds your reputation, brand and creates trust.


All, while you focus on your business, I will respond to your notifications and post content that is focused on what your fans  want to see 80% of the time and 20% of the time - I will post soft organic promotions on your Facebook business page.

That is how to succeed on social media

80/20 method

Planning Travels

Business Consulting for Start-ups

You have a dream, a product, or service idea and YOU are also realistic. You know there is no magic - one fit all - formula in succeeding but you also know that you may have something DIFFERENT.


You have a website being created by professionals that has calls to action, a capture email box, contact buttons, great images, and was not created by you or your buddy.

You want to get rolling onto the next steps.


You are not sure what organic posts, on-page SEO, or SEM means. Nor what platforms your audiences live on and how much it will cost per click.


You are ego-free, professional and want some candid, humble and respectful feedback - and no BS - insider advice.

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Open 7 days a week by appointment (yes weekends too).

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