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What is the Best Way to Market Your Small Business?

How do I attract customers to my small business?

How do you target new customers?

Use the three big local listing services to build trust for your small business. Clients these days are conducting their own research and way before they contact you.  It is important to get set up with Google My Business, Yahoo, and Bing Places for Business. Using SEO (search engine optimized) researched keywords, you can receive inbound organic leads over time and build authority over your competitors. 

First, you have to narrow down exactly who you're targeting then set out to reach them with SEM Search Text Ads (search engine marketing) on Google

By creating fresh content that engages, educates and inspires your audience on your small business Facebook you can can establish trust, build credibility, and increase traffic to your website. Both with paid ads and organic posts.

Small Business Marketing Services

Copywriting Freelance

Copywriting is basically verbal sales copy written into words.

And is not merely content explaining your service.

They are meant to sell your value proposition and get the potential customer to act. You want a sales person (copywriter) to write your ads for your platforms.

Don't hire anyone to write a post or ad. You will pay lots more in ad spend and cpc.

Google Adwords

Having your business populate with relevant search terms that show intent can increase your conversions by 30%, especially if you are ranking on the 1st page over time.

People searching on Google are more likely to convert than a social media ad since they are showing intent. They are seeking a product or service.

Facebook Content Creation and PPC ads

The mistake that business owner's make over and over is over-promoting on their FB page. Then losing followers over time. Nobody wants to be spammed. The goal is to create worthy posts. FB content that teaches, inspires and engages. With targeted paid ads, you can narrow down your audience and inspire hem to visit your websites.

Facebook Online Ad Training

You are a small business owner in start-up mode with limited dollars but plenty of time to micro-manage your ads, ad spend and target audiences.

Get live one-on-one ad training to include discussions over headlines, pain points, choosing images that slow down a scroll, calls to action and more over Skype.

Google Online Ad Training

You are wanting to start your own marketing agency and want to deep dive and learn from a higher benchmark.

Learn how to set up a basic search text ad, created a niche audience, set up your cost per click cap, learn how to research and then use headlines that get clicks to your website that are more relevant than curiosity searches and save money on your ad spend by constant monitoring of your ads.

Local Listing Set-up with SEO

This is numero uno to do on your list and even before getting a website. You need to build trust, authority and increase exposure organically.

Get signed up on Google, Bing and or Yahoo with up to 10 images that consist of SEO keyword phrases.

On - Page SEO Consulting

Your website was not created by a professional website design firm. And it is possibly cluttered, not user friendly, lacks keyword phrases that can get you found organically (over time) and is just a mess.

Get up to 60 minutes, live conversation, and make notes to make changes. Or have me consult your web designer to get your website ready to convert those leads that you received from your Google and FB ads.

Wix Web Design

Basic business offering a service in a local area. To the point, one-page website, offering your value proposition, images, content with keywords (for ranking) and calls to action.

This is for the beginner business owner ready to scale their business.

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Criminal Defense Attorney, Michael Cavanaugh
Gurnee, Illinois

I have only used the services of Business Advertising Media for one month, but in this short time I have been enormously impressed. All of the marketing firms I have previously engaged were disappointing, so this experience has been particularly gratifying. Could not be easier to work with, nor more knowledgeable: I give Business Advertising Media my absolute highest recommendation.

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Micropigmentation, Business Owner, Minela.  Seattle, WA

Monique is a true expert!! I realized very quickly that she really knows digital marketing and that I had a lot to learn. In one hour, I was able to understand what was missing from branding my own business online (MM Seattle SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic) for search engine ranking. Monique has a passion for the industry and shares information freely in a very engaging delivery. I was very appreciative of her generosity to share her insights.

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Custom Office Furniture Designer and Business Owner, Aaron Busch.
Portland, Oregon

 I would like to report that ALL the inquires I’ve been getting are exactly what I’ve been wanting. Commercial clients!!! My email is totally dead on the weekends which I like. And BTW I am totally slammed with work, and have at least one more on the ropes. Your ads are working. 

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