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Get Construction Marketing Ads that Screen out the "El Cheapos." And spend less time negotiating with leads.

Hire a Reputable 5-Star

Google and Facebook Marketing Freelancer


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Building trust is the first thing in beating your competitors. Remember they will research your reviews or testimonials. How else can they narrow down their search?

With your own marketing freelancer, you will get someone who can rank you high up on Google for a higher conversion.

Create ads that screen out "El Cheapos."

Someone that can help you build your long-term reputation and consult monthly. 

You can focus on your business and not on marketing.

Get short term or long term marketing help. No long contracts.

Public Listings

Claiming Public Listings is step 1 in building your reputation on Google or Bing.

This is the most important step in gaining the trust of leads.


Look More Reliable and Professional with an informative Website full of key words, testimonials and calls to action for organic ranking over time. 


We need to build your credibility online. Start collecting reviews on the Public Listings


You can pay a company like Home advisor or you can get your marketing freelancer to attract qualified leads that can afford your pricing. Less negotiating with "El Cheapos."

Business Advertising Media LLC

Monique Marcano, Owner

BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, digital marketing certificate and over 20 years in successful marketing and sales.

Since 2013

I know how to create construction ads that screen out time wasters and attract leads that can pay your price. And I know how to create funny, engaging, and educational content on Facebook to keep potential or past customers thinking of your brand.

Never over promoting. Striking a balance is key.


Take your construction business up a level and get your own construction marketing freelancer. One that is exceptional at ranking clients on the 1st page of search engines and that can sell ice to an Eskimo (never been in the north pole but never know?).

Someone you can trust that has 5-star reviews from businesses that she helped and supported. Get marketing that screens out the time wasters and "el cheapos." 

Offering construction marketing on Facebook, Youtube, and Google or Bing at $650 a month + ad spend to 3rd party. Get 3 month or 6 month contracts for consistent marketing. 

Want examples of my work? I have worked with construction contractors and inventors and succeeded at getting them brand awareness and ranked them on the 1st page! Not the 2nd page! of Google which increased chances of conversions.

Reach out to Monique today with a text to schedule a free 15 - min consult 

Working remotely from a home office in NC, 7 days a week for you!