Ranked on Google's 4-Pack; my own service among the first places in the pack and for "marketing consultant near me." Business Advertising Media LLC

Google Local SEO

Successfully created content on my client's Facebook page for organic reach or Facebook SEO; and appeared above a larger company called Game Works. Ranked for the term "video game arcade Seattle WA." My client is in start-up mode and is a virtual reality arcade located in south Seattle ~ Legacy, Gaming, Community, and Concierge, LLC. 

Facebook SEO Success 

Two ads were created for a client that needed to build his fan base and with the same target audience. The image and text were different. Cost per click was 50% less on one ad. Followers were almost doubled in the same amount of time. The cost per click .16 vs .37 cpc. Result was 10 followers over 4 followers for double the spend. Success. *request actual portfolio for full view.

Saved over 50% on Creative Ad Spend with a/b testing.

Receiving engagement is more important than likes. Facebook will give your content more reach if they notice your posts get engagement. https://thehotcarpet.com/

Over 370 Engagement on on FB. Promoting an invention for a client, The Hot Carpet. Targeting the emotional aspect to get engagement. 

Wix website optimized consistenly and recieved an excellent rating of 37%.

Excellent Bounce Rate of 37 % on my own optimized Website

If you are not on the 1st Page of Google then you are LOSING money.

Ranked on google 1st Page and 1st Listing!

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