Google Text Search Ad Example 1 : Virtual Assistant Services Business Owner Client


Virtual Assistant Business Owner Client: Google Ad: $1.28 cost per click


Set up two ad groups: Set up on July 3, 2020 and increased traffic in under 24 hours by several.


Ad Click through rate: over 15% on one search text ad "Self-employed and need help.."


Search Keywords: Relevant to landing page and to the search (Administrative support and Virtual Assistant Services.)


Client ad budget set for weekends only at $5.00 a day cap.


Targeted five (5) search keywords max that matched landing page keywords.


Created several ads: And will pause the poorest performing ad while monitoring and editing ads weekly.

Google Text Search Ad Example 2: Chiropractor SEM Ad Example in Lakewood WA


Ranked on the 1st spot for "Braincore."

You likely know that 1st page ranking can increase conversions or clicks to your website.


Headline Addresses Pain Point: Treat Anxiety

Instead of a generic headline and or using the company name redundantly it is ideal to use that space for the search keywords that the potential customer may have typed into the search box.


Call out extensions used

Ads are known to have a better conversion rate when they take up more real estate on a page. Call out extension grab the attention and point out unique selling points and important product details and benefits.


See: Medical exams, Open Saturdays by Appoint. Personal Injury Relief


Ads received 22 calls that were made directly from the ad itself on mobile

My ad copy prompted calls directly from a search and the searcher did not go to the website to make the call. They found the ad compelling enough to call. One ad received 6 calls with a 6.54 % click through rate at $2.34 cost per click. 

Google Text Search Ad Example 3:

Roofmaxx Dealer in Florida


Client ad ranking on 1st page of Google for phrase: Roof treatment Jacksonville florida." And ABOVE HOME ADVISOR.  


2% is the average click through rate for an entire account across all verticals. Some campaigns inside the account could be performing better and some could be performing worse. Anything higher than 2% is above average.

Some ads averaged 5%


On average, ads that appear on the first page or above the search results get substantially more clicks than ads that appear on other search results pages.

Result: Was able to rank my client for two ads on the 1st page of Google in under 14 days.


Trying to rank for general 1-2 word key phrases isn’t typically a good idea because they’re extremely competitive and have low purchase intent.


Ranked another ad successfully on Google's 1st page for a phrase (4 word key phrases) with intent.

"Roof Treatment Jacksonville Florida."

Google Text Search Ad Example 4:

Different Industry Ads Ranked on the 1st page of Google


AMG-Pro Builders in NJ: Ranked an entrepreneur and furniture assembly contractor on mobile and in the 3rd spot. Strategy: Four keyword phrase "furniture assembly services NJ."


AMG-Pro Builders was interested in consumers with a transactional intent. Narrowing it down to the location with NJ.


Medical Spa in Denver: Ranked on desktop and in the 1st spot and on the 1st page of Google for: Microneedling Denver CO


Non-emergency Medical Transportation ranked on the 1st page and 1st spot for a phrase with a transactional intent. "Rides to Appointments."

Note:  The first position typically gets about one-third of all clicks.

Example 5: Facebook Ad Creatives: Lakewood Natural Medicine and Chiroporactic


If a Facebook user is scrolling through Facebook and your ad doesn’t catch their eye, they won’t click on it, end up on your website and they definitely won’t end up converting.


This is why it is of utmost importance that your ad image rocks! And a dog getting a massage worked! 


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