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Need Google Marketing?

You are a small business owner or start-up and you don't want to spend time navigating Google's dashboard, sorting through search engine keywords or long-tail phrases. Are you spending money on [keywords] that have no intent?


Hello, my name is Monique and I am an independent marketing freelancer that specializes in PPC and SEM on Google, Bing and on Facebook. Creating ads that avoid wasting money on curiosity clicks. The keywords that I pick and the ad copy that I create and manage for you will have an interesting headline, state a pain point and offer a solution that is different than your competition (when possible). Offering regular collaboration and respectful and informative help. 

Bring someone on that has a BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, a certificate in Digital Marketing and that is successful in getting qualified leads since 2013.

I Don't Bite So Text Me Now For Answers

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Business advertising Media llc, 2020 - Monique Marcano - (virtual office) 845 Montgomery ct -  27052 NC -  425-273-4141 (eastern time)

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