Thought I was blowing hot air? Here is my proof. I get my client's on the first page*

Marketing Consultant for Small Business

Hired by Secure Comfort Care in early 2019, late January. And in mid February, had them ranking on the top of Google's 1st page, not the bottom of the page.


And I was able to rank, Secure Comfort Care, for two separate phrases and on Google's first pages.


I did not intentionally attempt to market him, to get on the first page of Google. It just happened naturally; with almost daily micro-management of his ad. Which entailed researching and implementing high-ranking keywords ~ weekly. 

Secure Comfort Transportation is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and specializes in non-emergency medical rides to the doctor.


Another client, out of south Florida "The Lash Pump" has been on board for less than a month and BAM! 1st Page of Google.


I offer successful marketing for small business owners.

Late last year in 2018, I ranked Dr. Young (out of the Seattle area). He runs Lakewood Natural Medicine. There he was on the first page of Google! And now again, in 2019.

I offer success to my client's.

I go over and beyond.

And there I am. I surprised myself! I was simply looking at my competitors... by typing in a typical phrase. And then! On the right all by myself. In the spot light or lime light? Ranked for the phrase, "small business owners marketing companies."

Oh! One more. A contractor on a budget. AMG Pro-Builders out of New Jersey and I have him ranking for "furniture assembly services NJ."


  Surprised again! Though he is not in the 1st spot, he is on the first page of Google. 

No BS here. I do my best and I hustle to get you on the first page to compete with those high rollers. And I do it while saving you money on your ~ cost per click.

Lets Get you on Google now, today, tonight. Just text me. 

Lets Do This. Get on Google with a Successful Marketer.

I Get My Clients on The First Page of Google. Double Click on Images to Enlarge and to see Details. Reach out! Let's Get You On Google! Now, Tonight, Tomorrow or Next Month. No Jiving. 

*Remember that astrix symbol above? Well, I get my clients on the First page of Google BUT that is with consistent marketing on Google and by them having an optimized SEO Website. If your website looks scrappy, It is hard for us to get you on Google's first page. FYI.

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