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Get Ahead with Your Side Hustle with Live Training from the comfort of your home

Tired of guessing about marketing and or think that Facebook or Google don't work?


It is likely that you ad is boring. And or you are attracting the wrong click. And most likely than anything throwing away money on high cost per clicks and those curiosity clicks that won't convert.

Young Businessman

Save on Cost per Click

If you are not watching your ads almost daily then you will drain your ad spend quickly and on clicks that are not likely to convert.

Hello, my name is Monique M., copywriter and search engine marketer - working remotely in NC. Since 2017, I have been marketing my own business and turning a profit month after month. 


I create and manage ads for clients (Attorneys, Doctors, Chiropractors, Medical Spas, Contractors, and Outpatient Rehabs) and I rank many of those ads on the 1st page of Google. See portfolio of examples


Some of my clients get handful of calls monthly and directly from my ads (the searchers never even bother to go to my client's websites). 

Which in turn, increases conversions for my clients and increases their bottom lines.

I know some people are not able to afford to pay me to manage their ads monthly.

With this, I am offering live training on a shared screen (Skype or Google's Meeting app). In two separate sessions and up to 1.5 hours each for Facebook.

Together we will create an ad that you can use when we are done.  Resulting in money saved! Lots of money saved on your cost per click. And for only $240 Facebook only (Value $360).*

I had one client that was paying over $14 a click and not getting any sales.

When I created an ad for him, the cost per click were under $2!!! 

*Promotion sign up ends September 29, 2020

Target Audience

  • When creating an ad, it is important to cast out a small fishing net. Or you will end up with clicks (or bottom fish you never wanted) which will in turn eat up your ad spend.

  • Fine tuning the age and speaking directly to them requires market research and data. (avoid guessing).


  • When writing an ad the goal is to get them to do something. We don't want to bore them.

  • Creating headlines that touch a pain point is where it all starts.

  • Offering a solution is another element.

Catch their attention

  • If you are creating ads on Facebook then choosing an image that does not look spammy is so important for a higher reach.

  • Keeping the content short and to the point.

  • Evoke a feeling in an image or with words to get more clicks.

Barista Making Coffee

Facebook Ad

Learn how to write an ad on Facebook to increase traffic to your website and exposure.

2-3 hours


Business Morning

FB Increase Fan Base

Only friends and family follow your page? You will have an extremely low reach. 

2-3 hours



Google Ad

This is a better choice for brick and mortar businesses and to attract searches with intent.

3 hours total


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