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Get Your Management Fee waived in Oct - No BS. Connect Today.

Pay one month marketing management fee of $750 (value $1000) and get a free month. Must sign up by August 25, 2021 ($100 ad spend credit to start + suggest additional $200). Must sign a 4 month agreement and have a Google Account Set Up. 

Get Copywriting for Contractors on CL

When you are running a home improvement business your clients can be found on many platforms, even Craigslist. The key with Craigslist ads is to be consistent, show authority, build trust, and have a logo. Most important is to have an ad written that points out why you are their best option. But even more important is the headline. I include 4 CL posts a month that refer traffic to your phone number and website. (if you want additional posts, add $10 per post).


One Google Search Text Ad

Better than Facebook is Google Search Text Ads. They speak directly to the searcher that has intent. The headlines catches their attention by stating their pain point, agitation and solution. The paragraph states your value proposition and encourages them to go to your website for more information. As your copywriter, my job is to target the audience, keywords and edit the ads to attract the right relevant customer that can afford your prices. 

Maker in Workshop

Marketing for Contractors

Thanks for submitting! In less than 24 hours I will text you to set up a chat. ~ Monique
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