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How to Rank Higher on Google Search Result Pages.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

You are attempting to find a phrase to rank for, on your website. It is almost like searching for a ball. It is not that hard but kind of hard. I will share a simple way to implement SEO with a phrase and not just a keyword.

A phrase is much better in my educated opinion. For example, if you are a flower store and I am customer looking for flowers then it is important that you have every keyword and phrase on your store website.

This way I can find you. If you simply share that you are flower store, fine. But what if I am seeking Dahlia flowers and another store's website populates because they wrote or edited into their content "dahlia flowers." I am more likely to just move forward with making a purchase from them.

A phrase that could have worked wonderfully is "dahlia flowers near me." It may sound strange to use this phrase in your content but why not? If it works and it can make sense then go ahead and use it.

If you need a more detailed SEO tip then watch this guy Neil Patel. I follow his videos and he is a very successful and smart man.

In his video, he also explains how to rank with the phrases. However, you are not seeking a ball. Instead you are searching for your business. He explains it well.

If you are tired of doing your own marketing, reach out.

Monique Marcano is the owner of Business Advertising Media Freelance Consulting. She is a trusted and experienced SEO, marketing, social and content freelance consultant who delivers the results of a big agency for a fraction of the cost. Monique is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and supports clients across the US and Central America. For more information visit her website on Facebook.

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