Does Black licorice ice cream taste the same, for each person.

Okay where is this going? I read online and I have had people asking if Facebook works for everyone? My experience is as such. Black ice cream can taste differently for each person. Oh! You wanted to know about Facebook? Okay then scan below this yummy picture of my favorite ice cream. Black jelly beans are good too ~ by the way.

I have learned that ~ not ~ all products or services are created equally, on the same platforms. When I advertised a product for a client (an invention which was to help with connecting PVC pipes) that was for the construction industry, the ad was not successful.

If anything he got lots of construction trolls making fun of his product. I was having to manage his news feed and do my best to keep it clean. He did best, selling directly from Amazon with keywords in his content.

Yet, another client (that re-invented a travel pillow) received a load of sales from the ad I created for him. The objective of that ad was to send people to his e-commerce webpage.

Overall, it is a test test test process. And sometimes, marketing has to be done continuously to build trust among your audience and or fan base. If you have a logo and a slogan it can really help to be recognized.

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Hello, my name is Monique and I grew up riding subways and trains in the 70s, in New York. I am driven and (humbly sharing) very successful in sales and marketing and almost always outperformed my coworkers so much that I decided to return to college and start working for myself instead of a

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