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Google Ads and Frustration

How to write Google ads that work on Google?

I have been managing Google ads for clients for years; and I do very well. In a short time, I am able to get their cost per clicks cut in half, in regard to cost.

I am sure that it helps that I completed my education in marketing.

I completed a BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Then, spent an additional six-months completing a digital marketing certificate; surprisingly, I was never taught how to write an ad while completing my dual degree. Which is fine. It made sense. They could only teach so much.

My knowledge about how to produce successful Google ads, came from on-going reading, reading of on-line articles, watching videos (highly suggest Neil Patel) and reading quick-read books on Copy-writing.

With all that, I was able to win with Google marketing, quicker than I expected. I always heard other marketers bragging about being able to get someone on the first page of Google for a phrase but never realized how easily it could be done. It is simply about following Googles rules.

But how to write an ad that will be successful on Google?

I can explain briefly, here goes.

My first suggestion is to pick a landing page to target. And one on your website of course.

What keyword is on that landing page? Which service or product would you like for the sales to increase? Now talk about that keyword, product or service in the actual ad, that you create (now you are attempting copywriting).

Try to mention that keyword at least three times.

Be sure to put the word in the headline. Then in the content in different phrases. So that it makes sense.

You don’t want to over use the keyword; that you decided to focus your writing around. If you do, then Google will penalize you (indirectly with higher cost per click).

Quick story and example. If you are a chiropractor and you want to target people who recently were injured in an accident, then you should have a landing page (on your website) that talks about “personal injury therapy.”

If you don’t have a landing page on your website that talks about that topic then your ad is not relevant ~ to the landing page. And with this, Google AdWords will charge you more on cost per click.

I will leave with this. There is much more that can be done; but making your ad relevant to the landing page is the first step in saving money, on your cost per click. And getting higher on pages for that term.

If you need training on Google ads, then reach out for a quick chat. I am happy to offer a quick fix or for hire. I am based out of NC and work from a lovely home office on the edge of whimsical forest. Email is great

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