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How Do I Find a Marketer?

How Do I Find a Marketer?

If you are small business and are wondering “how do I find a marketer?” A first place that I would suggest finding a marketer is on craigslist and before you hit up Upwork.

With craigslist, you can find a marketing consultant that is near you, local. There is a big chance they can meet with you at a café. Be sure to decipher if they are a marketer at an agency or a freelancer working as an independent marketer. If they use terminology as “we” then there is a big chance that they are representing a marketing agency on Craigslist.

A marketer on a craigslist, that works for themselves, will have a load more

knowledge on marketing strategies for small business owners because of their marketing own independent marketing efforts.

They do not have the security of a marketing agency to handle the marketing.

They must pay for a every dollar on their own; and they know the importance of SEO. They know first hand, which platform to market on for brand awareness or to generate an increase in quality traffic over quantity. And how to write ads that can help avoid curiosity clicks.

If you go with someone on Upwork then you will find it frustrating.

It will take longer to get a response.

You will get bombarded by bids and must sort through the bids and messages. In addition, on Upwork, the fee you offer the marketer is slashed by almost 30% so the marketers are less reluctant to work with you after an initial project.

Go to your local craigslist and type in the word marketer or marketing and start there.

Though, I market on Upwork, I find most of my favorite long-term clients have found me from Craigslist.

If you need some basic help with marketing then reach out at my website.

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