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How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook 2020?

It depends on the industry that you are in and how bad your creatives are.

That is part of the big problem and reason for cost being so extreme for some ads.

I can tell you that I personally helped a gentleman that was handling his own marketing on Facebook. He was dabbling in affiliate marketing and was not getting leads. He was actually selling software for funnels.

I was not willing to handle his Facebook marketing because I was not really confident in his product but he persisted and asked me to help at least once.

So, I did. Long story short (as some of us say too often) to fast forward to the point.

This is the answer to your question. How much are Facebook ads? Well keep on following my story. So, his Facebook ad cost per click was $14! I thought that was a rather high number based on the marketing that I had conducted over the years.

Just the same, I had not created an ad for this exact affiliate product so I could not really know if this was normal; yet.

After creating his ad, and after several days, the cost per click was as low as under $2.00! No freaking joke or exaggeration.

So back to the topic of how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook, it depends on how bad your ad is. That is only one element. But a very big one.

If this guy kept on running that ad, he would have been cleared out of his ad spend so quick. Too quick. The average ad spend that most companies put towards their ads on Facebook can be $200 up to $800. That is what it can cost to advertise on Facebook. This does not include the hiring of a freelancer to manage your ads, to optimize the ads and to reduce the cost per click with on-going ad management.

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