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How much does marketing usually cost?

For a lot of startups, the biggest concern is the price of marketing. Not ready to hire a marketing agency they will start to handle the marketing. But not knowing what marketing should cost is concerning. So, I am providing my firsthand experience.

Marketing can cost whatever you want. You can choose to spend $5 a month and not be competitive or you can choose to spend $1,000 a month.

Each platform has a cost per click when someone clicks on your ad. Facebook tends to have a lower cost per click. I have written ads for different businesses and I ran those ads on Facebook.

After letting the ad run for at least 7 days then I'm able to get an idea on what is a regular cost-per-click.

Recently, I ran an ad for an electric company that was looking for people to sign up. When the ad first started running it was averaging $3.50 per click. My client wanted to start tight and only had a budget of $4 a day; the ad stopped running after one click was received. Which happened immediately.

We actually received a sale within 24-hours of the ad running too! Which was a good sign that the ad was written well enough to persuade.

After I reviewed the metrics and the data, I decided to change the headline to see if I could get the cost per click lower. I wanted to make the ad look more interesting so that people would slow down in the news feed and click - more readily.

After about a week or two I was able to get the cost down by a dollar then after another week - the cost-per-click was around a $1.60 per click.

So now we were able to at least get two clicks per day with his budget being $4 a day.

The cost of marketing a business depends on the cost per click. That is why it's very important to manage your ads after they've been written and launched.

If your ad is doing very well you don't have to throw more money in but if your ad is doing poor, and the cost per click is high, then you'll probably have to throw more money in and especially if you don't know how to optimize your ads.

In my opinion, you can budget $200 to $400 dollars on Facebook - if you are on a tight budget and can get fair results if you can write persuasively.

But if it's Google you'll probably eat through that ad spend pretty quick; since, most of the cost per click on Google can average around $5 to $8 cost per click. And if your ad is not well targeted then you will attract curiosity clicks that won't convert; but it will deplete your monthly ad spend way quicker.

So marketing can cost a minimum of $200 if you want a fair return for an item that you're selling on Facebook. If you are in the service industry, I would suggest starting at $400 a month and learn to write ads that can convince a potential customer that you are the best choice.

If you need marketing help or training - then reach out to book a helpful and no pressure chat. Simply text to book 425-273-4141

Hello, my name is Monique Marcano and I work as a virtual copywriter and marketer. I write short form copy for clients so that they can attract potential customers that are willing to pay their prices. I also train clients on writing ads that will help them stand out among competitors that offer the same service. While, micro-managing ads so that my clients don't waste money on ads that won't convert.

Business Advertising Media LLC since 2017

BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing Certificate

Over 20 years of successful sales and marketing experience

Keywords: Copywriter, ad creative, Marketing cost, small business marketing.

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