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How to do a/b Testing on Facebook Ads to Save Up to 50% on Your Ad Spend.

How to do a/b testing on Facebook business ads for a 50% savings on your ad spend.

You are making these mistakes on Facebook and losing over 40% of your daily ad spend - if you are not managing your Facebook ads.

Micro-management Will Save You Money

I do a lot of micro-managing for my clients to get the most clicks out of their monthly budget. Look at the image above.

First creative ad, same target audience, but different image and headline text. Cost was .37 per click. I am growing my client's fan base. And we only received four followers in the same amount of time.

I created a 2nd ad too. But with a different headline/text and image; for a/b testing. See the results below! Only .16 cost per click. Amazing. Ran same time and same audience. And we received 10 new fans!

Which ad would you keep? The ad with the arcade image is the obvious winner if we want to get the most bang for the dollar.

Ever Conducted a Taste Test?

Why would you create one ad and allow it to run without running another Facebook ad at the same time and targeting the same audience? It is so easy for you to lose money on your daily ad spend to 3rd parties (Facebook or Google). Look at this image below. It cost almost 50 percent more than the other creative Facebook ad, above.

If you want to spend more money for a cup of coffee then fine. But don't do that with your ad spend. You will run out of money for your daily coffee with time.

You need to create two ads, at minimum, and watch the ads closely; the 1st 24 hours can tell you a lot.

You can just tell in one day, which one is performing the best.

One Way To Save Over 50% on Cost Per Click

Once you see the metrics and results, delete or pause the one that is costing you more. It is that simple. If you don’t have time to micromanage then you will not stay within budget. You must manage your ads in order to get the results that you want from your Facebook or Google creative ads.

Otherwise, you will be telling people that Facebook does not work for you.

And or you will continue to market to your family and friends only. Since you will never attract the right audience. And eventually they will start to hide your posts.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality fans are more important than quantity. So, don't boost a post on Facebook but instead create one audience and show your ads to them to get the right customers.

You will never get the audience you want and need if you don’t manage your ads. And you will blow through your budget, quicker than a flight cost to Mexico.

Different Image

Simply having a different image in your Facebook creative ad can make a big difference in receiving likes and or new followers. A heading can make a difference in your pocketbook or wallet. Try it.

Reach out if you need help or training. I offer marketing virtually or training so you can learn a lot quicker and conveniently, on a shared screen. Text me easily to set up a 20-minute free consult 425-273-4141 for Monique

Check out this great article for more details on a/b testing.

A /B testing examples. How do you do an AB test? What is AB testing in digital marketing? Why do we do AB testing?

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