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How To Rank Number One On Google

Everyone wants to rank on page one for a keyword and it can be done. The important task is that you rank for a phrase that has intent. Not just any word.

If you sell socks and have a website that has the word "socks" sprinkled through out it, is helpful. However, it is more helpful and can help to convert the inbound lead, if you use a keyword phrase instead of just one word such as "green lady socks." I can explain.

When a searcher uses a phrase such as "buy green lady socks" they are more likely to buy this product from your website especially if they see the same phrase and image on the landing page.

On the other hand, if a searcher types a phrase into a search engine search box "socks" and then your business listing appears, it does not mean they are wanting to buy socks. They could simply want ideas for their sock website.

Side note: you will pay for the click to your website and disappointingly have no conversion or sale. I call these clicks "curiosity clicks." They may have clicked your website link because they are looking for ideas; however, still are unsure of what they want to buy someone as a gift. And if you get a lot of these clicks it can eat through your daily ad spend.

If the searcher does not like the images or the website, they can leave your page almost immediately. This will hurt your ranking.

If your bounce rate is high, it can signal to Google or Bing that your website is not relevant to the searches. And with this, the search engines won't likely show your page.

With this, unfortunately, your business ad will not rank on the 1st page of Google. And your business will be in bad shape.

Take the time month after month to keep up with key-phrases used by individuals. Phrases do change and you will want to update your website pages with these phrases, to get the best relevant traffic.

I optimized my website on Wix and I am humbly sharing that recently, I received an organic inbound lead. And it came from across the united states. The searcher told me that they typed in words such as "marketing consultant" and my website showed up on the 1st page of Google.

I don't have a snapshot of what the new inbound lead saw but I did see this on Bing for the phrase, "seo freelancers in Seattle." (photo on Bing shows ranking on 1st page).

My big suggestion is to add a long-tail keyword for every 100 words. Most importantly, don't target the high competition keywords. The competition is too fierce to rank on PPC. Instead rank for several low to medium competition key phrases not keywords.

How to rank number one on Google is in fact what I did with my website and if you implement this tip, you can rank your website, over time too. SEO is a free tool to rank but it is time consuming but worth it.

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