Business Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, certificate in Digital Marketing and successful work experience with SEO, engagement, and copy-writing since 2013.

Hi, my name is Monique Marcano and I love marketing and creating ad copy to get the attention of potential customers. 

For over 20+ years I worked in sales and traditional marketing and was almost always successful and out-performed co-hearts (humbly sharing). I have always been a natural at rapport and selling (seeing the value and benefits of products).

With this, I thought to return to college in my late 30's so I could work in a marketing agency after graduation. However, I did not need to. I was easily able to find clients by simply offering my help as a volunteer and soon after they wanted to hire me.

I first started with social media and then I fell in love with the complexity of search engine optimization and headlines, basically copy-writing. 

I am upfront, a no B.S. type of girl that keeps atop of marketing trends; weekly. And I apply those changes to my current long-term clients campaigns when I optimize (on-going).

If you don't like the idea of working with someone virtually, I hate to bust the bubble but marketing consultants only meet once in their office (if applicable) and you will never see them again. No different than with me.

*Starting in 2020, and for long-term clients of at least 6 months, I am willing to meet in person if you are located in the Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, New York, Miami and or North Carolina areas and at no extra cost to you, if you need me to.

I enjoy meeting one on one. It gives us a chance to collaborate, gain insight, and discuss topics that may not have emerged from only texts, emails or Skyping.

Reach out now and let's get this ball rolling. 

Text to book a free 20-min consult with a successful SEO Specialist (me) at 425-273-4141