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Marketing ideas for startups

I will start with saying that marketing to just anyone will deplete your ad spend. I know it is tempting to post everywhere but soon enough you will feel burn out and then think that marketing does not work. And just be pissed overall.

Marketing works if you are where they are likely to go to find you. They need to find you. People simply don't want to be bothered by us (you). I am sure you feel the same way. I know I get annoyed when someone calls me and tries to sell me something.

If you need a bird, you don't go to a bus stop. You go to a bird store. So, you need to be where people go to find you (I hope that makes sense?). If you are at a bus stop and someone tries to sell you a bird then you will likely get annoyed or just not want one. Same with pop ups on Facebook. (However cheap items are good for Facebook conversions - another post will explain that)

In my experience, if you have a high-ticket value service then Facebook is not going to be the 1st touch point and final touch point resulting in a sale if you are an expensive service. ( We can get into how Facebook helps another time).

Not Likely That You Have $4k Sitting in Your Pocket at the Time of a FB Post

Quick example is if you are on Facebook and you see a trip to Cuba pop up at you, you may want to go. And you may even click over to the website. However, it is likely that you are not ready to purchase at this moment. And you may even forget the website information when you are ready.

Google is Smart But Don't Use Their Smart Mode

If you are a startup and you need to market and get leads that are likely to convert, then I suggest Google ads (but be sure not to use smart mode that is a rip off and Google knows it but startups don't). Plain and simple use expert mode on Google and you will get the right traffic for the search term keywords that show intent.

Likely that Facebook Won't Make You Want Pizza Because You Saw a Post

Don't you go to Google when you need pizza? Or if you need to find an auto shop for a smog inspection? People go to search engines when they are ready to conduct research and or buy.

Only Have Pennies?

If you can't afford $500 minimum a month to compete somewhat on Google then I suggest setting yourself on Google maps. That is a local listing option. And if you upload images monthly on behind the scenes images, specials, and or other elements then you may stand out over time. And yes, you do need the RIGHT keywords for the category section. Don't just go with one.


That is the best marketing idea for a startup that is on a tight budget. And craigslist too. No joking. But CL is not as simple as you think. Simply posting won't help you STAND OUT. You need to dominate the feed, post at the right time (to avoid your post getting buried) and use different headlines. In addition, have your logo in the post and be sure to create a header that states what makes you different - but BETTER than the others.

If you are a startup and feeling overwhelmed, then reach out. I offer marketing training on a shared live screen and startup consultations for only $40 in Feb 2023 (value $60). Text to see if I can be of help or to set up your startup consultation so you can get to the next level with helpful advice on your website, keywords, cost to consider in marketing online and more.

Call or Text at 425-273-4141 Monique M., Copywriter Marketer. Working virtually with solo business owners to help them STAND OUT while paying less for cost per clicks.


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