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Search Engine Marketing Agency Results

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Created a search engine marketing (sem) Google text ad for a client out of San Diego. A medical spa offering EmSculpt services in San Diego. It helps to tone muscle and target areas that exercise can not do.


First, I want to share that I received that lead while on vacation in San Diego in February. I decided to create an ad on craigslist and received a text! (I had included my phone number and invited them to text for efficient responses) from a nurse at this facility.


Note: I spent an hour on the headline and for only $5 created one ad and BAM!! A response within days of the post (I was still there - on vacation). Success! Great ROI! If I must say! 150% ROI. (Yes, I have to pay taxes and insurance still but still - a very good investment)

Moving forward, after weeks of going back and forth, I was able to get them to bring me on board. And me on for a search engine marketing sem Google text ad. With a promotional offer that they found attractive. And different than the 1st offer (fewer ads managed).


Created the search engine marketing (sem) text ad - and within days, the text ad received three clicks. The display ad received 12 clicks!

Back up for a moment. I had actually been hired to create (1) one text ad. I like to create several for many reasons. So, I created four text ads and even one display ad (why not?). Let's make sure this client has a great head start!


If I had started with one ad, my client would have lost opportunities over the weekend for clicks if the ad was not catching the attention of the searchers. So, I always create at least three to start and then pause the ones not producing. We get quicker results this way~

Several days later the results. See EmSculpt Ad example below (actual ad).


Out of the four ads, two did nothing. No clicks whatsoever. The fish did not jump for the bait on that line - so they were turned off. The other two! One received a 27% click-through rate at an average $4.00 cost per click.

The other ad! Even better. 33% click-through rate at around $1.00!! I am too excited.


From my on-going research, it is my understanding that anything around 2% is an average click-through rate. This is a successful campaign already.

Moving forward the display ads averaged $1.00 cost per click. I did not see the click-through rate. In case you don't know what a display ad is: a display ad shows up on websites that are affiliated with Google's network. I targeted the audience that searches for fitness and beauty.

Check out this link for more understanding on click-through rates. They were very informative and helpful in understanding.

Hi, my name is Monique and I am a search engine marketing sem specialist and copywriter working virtually out of the east coast. I own, independently, a search engine marketing agency offering text ads and display ads. Reach out for help or information. Email: Google text ads start at $750 a month + ad spend (Promotion for March and April 2020. Please reference this post for the promotional rate "$1000 Value).

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