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Starbucks is a cost I would watch before watching Google cost per click

Most of us don't have our priorities right. I mean, we all want to save money but marketing is not the place to cut cost. If you are not advertising then you are losing money, eventually. When business starts to pick up, most business owners start to cut back on marketing. Or if it is very slow, they stop marketing.

Keep in mind, people don't know about your product. And you are competing with hundreds other websites. If you are not standing out then you need to be constantly marketing.

If we are not marketing then we are losing. There was a month that was slow and it was right before the holidays. It was tempting to cut back but instead I took the tip of Neil Patel. He made a good point, he took his own advice. He did not pay himself.

He paid his employees, did not lay off anyone, kept marketing and simply did not pay himself. I followed his advice and I am happy that I did. There was a very small dip in my business but soon after, it spiked right up. Had I stopped marketing, who knows how long that dip could have lasted.

On the other hand, if you are worried about the cost per click on your ads, on Google then that is a different story. Ad management is so important. When the ads start to run, wait several days or even a week. Then, change only one element per week. So that you have a clue as to what is working and not working. If you were to change the content and headlines, for example, you will never have known what was the problem.

I can't tell you how important it is to manage ads. I have a client that I market for out of New Jersey. It is a music school. And when the ads started to run they started to cost around $1.80 cost per click. But then I started to edit the ad little by little. And soon after, I saw an average of .70 approx. A better ROI.

Don't cut back on marketing. Simply stop buying those yummy Starbucks drinks every day.

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