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Trying to Figure Out the Best Small Business Marketing?

Trying to Figure Out the Best Small Business Marketing?

It can be overwhelming to market your small business and with so many platforms to choose from – such as Google, Next-door, Facebook, Instagram and even Craigslist (at minimum).

Even more frustrating is the process of writing ads that can help you STAND out - seems impossible to STAND OUT and differentiate when others are selling the same services as you.

Wondering the best way to market your business?

What I have come to realize over the years and since I started my own business is that you can and will lose thousands of dollars marketing to the wrong audience and on the wrong platform. (hopefully I can save you some of that money with this blog post).

I have realized that it is best to choose one platform to start with. But – and a big but - you must choose the correct platform. Not just any platform; pick a platform to market your small business that you know your ideal customer - audience shops on for your services.

What age is your ideal customer and what is their income level? Do you really think they hang out on a particular platform? Seriously think about that. And before you waste your time and your dear money.

Platforms That Attract Cost Savvy Potential Customers

For example, I have learned first-hand that Craigslist is great if you are a startup offering services such as lawncare or even marketing. At only $5 a post it is a great place for a startup. But a small tip is to post three times a week and at different times. This strategy can help you avoid having your ads buried under the others as they post actively too. Your posts will stay up for 30 days too.

On the other hand, Craigslist - in my experience- is not so good if you are a pricey home remodeler contractor attempting to attract individuals that can afford your prices (since most homeowners on CL are looking for deals).

Most importantly and on any platform - you must write well and differentiate yourself. The way to increase sales and market your small business is to write an amazing headline. And write a headline that differentiates you.

What Makes You so Special? How are you different?

Why should someone call you for your service? Think about this for a moment (seriously pause before reading on)... So what? So what that you offer the same services as Tom, D..K and Harry. Sell a person on why you are the best choice. And use that in the headline to start.

When you come to terms with why they should call you – ask yourself if your competitor does the same thing. If so, start again. Come up with a headline that helps you STAND OUT.

What do you offer that none of your competitors offer?

Remember, there are many and many other businesses offering the same service as you. Keep this in mind when attempting to write an amazing ad that looks different than competitor ads.

And never stick to using the same headline repeatedly. That is, unless you are seeing the calls come in from a particular headline.

Go with One and Dominate on that Platform 1st

In review, choose one platform (seriously), write amazing ads with headlines that differentiate you. I suggest picking up a book on copywriting and or looking at your competitor’s ads. Can you come up with a better headline than them? Then do so and edit often until you see those calls coming in.

End of blog.


Reach out if you need marketing consulting or business advice.

I can be reached at: (be sure to state “Business Advice” in the subject line so that your email does not get lost. ~ Monique M., Copywriter Marketer ).

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