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How Not To Market Your Business or Start-up

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Often, when I am reached by small business owners, searching for a marketing consultant, they have reached the point of wanting to scale and get rid of all those hats they are wearing. But they still need more traffic to their website.

Family time is suffering, everyone feels burnt out and their health is declining (no more free time at the gym).

Most are working full-time; hoping to leave their jobs one-day. But with limited time to handle consistent marketing on social media, keeping up on algorithms, a calendar for posts, SEO, and with PPC, it takes longer and longer.

And then not able to afford hiring a PPC Digital marketing agency, they attempt to post on Facebook when they remember. Not being consistent and always OVER promoting. What a waste of time (If I may say). It is not that Facebook does not work, it is your ads that are not working.

Over promoting results in your fans hiding your posts (which you won't know). And, your time is wasted, posting at a time that your audience is not on Facebook. So, now you took all that time to create a promotion (that nobody cares to know) and nobody even saw it.

Look at your reach. Go to insights and keep an eye on your reach. This will confirm what I am saying.

Think about this for a moment.

If you are all about your business on social media, don't you think your audience is all about themselves? Well then, post amazing content that they would love to read. That they want to share with their friends and family.

As a small business marketing consultant, in the marketing business. First, I would ideally post on a platform that business owners hang out on. (over 50 years old, employed, owner, and so on).

How to Market Your Business on Social Media

And I would test content and test headlines if using the same content. Perhaps the first quarter, I post about what small business owners would be attracted to. Such as retirement tips, cheap places to retire, marketing tips that they could try to implement while wearing many hats, articles about how to scale a business, and so on. Over 80 percent of the time, my posts are on articles that small business owners may care about.

And then, 20 percent of the time, I may touch about my business. And about what we have tested with marketing and what has worked. Or if we are offering a promotion, then post that too.

Wearing many hats is exhausting. I know because I have been running a virtual marketing consultant business for several years. And, I need to hire an accountant. So that I can free up my time, to collaborate more with my regular clients.

There will come a point that you will be able to spend a bit more money to bring on a small business marketing consultant. One that can give you a better return on your investments, especially on PPC.

If you are not optimizing and analyzing your ads every several days, your ad spend will get eaten up from over spending on the cost per click. Marketing tip: focus on low competition long-tail keywords and not on the high competition. And skip bidding on one keyword. Focus on phrases that have intent (example: marketing consultant for small business owners in Seattle).

Save money and bring on a marketing consultant that collaborates 7 days a week and someone available to chat when you get home from your full-time job. You need someone available after hours and on the weekend, when you are free. And someone that can rank clients on the first page of Google.

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