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What's the best way to market a small business?

Not sure where to start in regard to marketing your small business especially when you are on a tight budget?

Avoid Burn Out

There are many platforms and I suggest you only start with one. But which one to start with? Conduct some research to see where your target audience hangs out.


Basically, if you are a beginning lawncare specialist, and need to market your small business then I would suggest starting with Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist. Lots of homeowners that are on a budget are all going to Craigslist still to find lawn care specialist. But if you have been in the business for years and don't want to attract potential customers that can't afford your services then avoid Craigslist.

Established Business Marketing

Someone with years of service can set up on Google My Business for your local area. This is where you will eventually get reviews too. Be sure to post images monthly and behind the scenes pictures. You will hide your office address if you don't get visitors to your location. And target up to 20 areas as your service areas. Everyone should set up on Google My Business even if you are established or a start up and be sure to add keywords.

Now Moving Up

Depending on your monthly ad spend budget - now consider marketing on Google or Facebook. This gets a little more complicated. Seriously, it does. It is not easy to write copy on Google to help you stand out without the help of a copywriter (yes, I know you likely did not want to read that). You need to STAND OUT, not simply post an ad about your service. It is not simple.

And be sure that if you attempt to handle the marketing on Google that you avoid "smart" mode marketing on Google. That is an easy way for Google to take your money since it will most definitely drive irrelevant traffic to your site.

Be sure to sign up for "expert" mode on Google ads. This way when you are micro-managing your ads every 72 hours - you can make sure to not come up for search terms that are too vanilla.

Hope this helps. If you have some basic questions, then feel free to reach out. I offer marketing training too on Facebook, Google and Copywriting. Feel free to text to book a 20 min strategy consult. I help virtually and one-on-one. I am transparent, no bs and no pressure I am a small business owner too and I don't like that tactic used on me so reach out.

425-273-4141 (east coast time zone).

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