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Who Else Wants to Know the Best Social Media Platform to Use for Small Businesses?

What is the best social media platform for small business owners?

You May Want to Sit down for This.

First, I want to say that there is no “best social media platform” for all small businesses. No answer to all industries.

I see this question often, so I thought to give my hands-on insight. I am a small business owner too and have been a great guinea pig for social media platforms and search engines.

So, maybe in the mid 1900’s there was one great platform. Not today. There is not one shoe for all feet.

Do you remember that platform from the 70s, 80s and 90s? That large book that was dumped at our doorways. It would aggravate me because I did not want to pick it up. I would try to kick it out of the way. Anyhow, it was called the Yellow Pages.

It was surely a great way for small businesses to grow, over time. Yet, they had competitors too ~ on those pages. So, the ad had to grab the attention of the viewer or possible buyer. Just having an ad on a page would not convert the right consumer. How do you get their attention? The right person?

Fast forward to our year, 2019. Let me start with just one topic that may peel the skin off the orange on where to market your small business.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great place to test. I am not saying it is the best.

But, rather a good place to test.

As for me, maybe I need to keep editing my ads but I decided I would rather not.

I found a different platform that gets qualified leads. And it is not Facebook, currently. So, I am staying with that platform for now until I am ready to expand further.

Here is some inside information. When I marketed a product for an inventor in 2017, the ad achieved such success and put a “dent in his campaign” and these are the words that were said by my client. Your audience will decide where to market or rather which platform to market on to get their attention.

However, another inventor seller, hated Facebook; because his product did not impress the viewers. And he is still having a hard time and he seems to have given up. Sometimes, you have to keep testing and editing. But his audience is a difficult audience to impress (construction workers).

But moving forward, you should absolutely create an ad to post on Facebook; but the problem has many layers. And more than what you think.

Would You Buy from You? Seriously Now. Check out your ad from a different perspective

How is your ad? That is the answer to the question posed here on this blog. Do you think that If your ad sucks that it will still do well on any platform?

If your ad is cluttered and too spammy then likely no platform is going to be great for your small business.

That is what is most important. I am seeing that many small business owners are Facebook marketing and paying no attention to their headlines. Get their attention.

They should! How crazy it is that they think if they rattle off some sentences that it will be interesting enough for someone to slow down, while scrolling their Facebook news-feed. Don't post a boring headline.

I say this humbly, it is likely, very likely that nobody is going to read or click on their headline or ad. If you are not paying attention to your headline, it is likely that the Google searchers are not.

There is a lot to touch here regarding answering this question, many layers.

However, my first suggestion is to focus on your headline. Don’t bore people with it. Make it amazing; offer a benefit of your product or service that you know is their pain point.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

Here is an example. If I were to use Facebook marketing to reach small business owners, then I would test many headlines. And I do. Then micro-managing and watching for under a week; If I don’t get hits on one ad then I don’t create a new ad.

Instead, I edit the headline.

You don’t have to go it alone. Start with copy-writing books. No joke. It helped me more than achieving a BAS in Marketing.

So, start with editing your headline.

Once you get people to click on it, then they may read your article. Another conversation, all together. Are they qualified leads or just a quantity of leads?

Listen ~ just edit and test your ads.

Once you find a great ad that is getting you qualified leads (not just any lead) then test different platforms with your winning ad.

That will be the best social media platform for your small business.

If I were to break this down even more or attempt to (which is too lengthy to post here) then you would be reading a book on copy-writing.

Reach out if you need consulting. I love SEO and wrapping my head around this digital world. I love reading emails and I do respond with help

How much do marketing consultants charge?

As for me, if you have a short project then you can expect anywhere from $120 and under.

If you need serious marketing and want a regular Google marketing campaign, then expect an average of $400 (Spring pricing promo) plus ad spend of $75-$150; (per topic) per ad and per month.

Reach out if you need someone who is a straight shooter, “No BS Here” and someone who explains why they do what they do; so it is more of a team collaboration. Not our business against our marketer. Check out my reviews. I love treating people well and with respect. And I offer short contracts too and am available 7 days a week and until 8 p.m. Text with questions 425-273-4141 (I work remotely with small business owners and my prices are lower than a marketing agency since I have a home licensed business). #womanowned #travellikeaboss

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