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Why are my Google ads being turned down?

The agony and pain of attempting to understand why a Google ad is denied. If you are lucky it will be simple - but not likely. As in 80% of my situation.

When your ad is denied, it is a crushing blow. Since often, they communicate in acronyms. No help there. As in my case, and still the case - days later. I am still waiting for someone to review my changes and or explain to me...what the heck does "destination contains : CTA" mean?

I mean that can spell out many sentence variations. The first idea is that it means "call to action." However, a website is supposed to have "calls to action." So, I am not going to remove that from my client's landing page.

After hours of emails, an agent from Google (in India) called me and was very nice. Though, he too, was not clear what "CTA" meant.

He said that he looked it up and it could have meant "clinical trial..." but he was not sure. But he told me to look for similar wording on the landing page.

With this, I went back to my client's WordPress site and removed any word with "clinic."

By the way, a quick tip to editing a website for unwanted words, is to press the "ctrl" key and the "F" key and then a little pop up, in the upper page should appear.

This saved me a lot of time.

Well, skipping forward, other ads were denied too. And after several months of ads running. Which was such a surprise. But I was told that this happens. That the ads or the website was not crawled immediately so there was a delay.

The other ads that were denied by Google were references made to prescriptions, on my client's business page. And though, they were not a medical doctor, nor were they selling the product - the ad was denied because of words such as: Accutane, solution, treatment and Botox.

My clients WordPress landing page content is simply stating that if you have used: Botox or Accutane; and recently, then she can not perform work on your skin.

Fast forward, I was able to get seven (7) ads approved by Google that were denied, and only after a few days.

I am hoping to request a manual review for the "CTA" at destination problem since I can not wrap my head around this. It says: un approved substance. However, I am stuck because I scoured the landing page and after reviewing Google's exhaustive list of words that are not allowed and there is no matching words.

My advice. Attempt to fix one ad and one landing page at a time. Don't look at the entire page of denied ads. It will overwhelm you.

Good luck. If you have similar issues then feel free to reach out. If I can help with a quick answer, I sure will.

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