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For Business Owners Who Have Time to Handle Their Own Marketing and Want Remote Training.


Get some basic training on how to navigate the platforms of Google or Facebook. Learn how to research high ranking SEO keywords, write a headline that gets clicks, create ad copy that solves pain points, use images that don't look spammy, And how to manage those ads over time to get better qualified leads and not just curiosity clicks and more.


Understand how to market on Google or Facebook with just two sessions a month (covering different aspects). Sessions are approx 1.5 hours starting at $150. (Training on Google hangouts on a shared screen).

* Facebook Targeted Ad (different objectives)

* Google PPC (learn to create a buyer persona)

*How to Write an Ad that Talks to Your Buyer

*SEO (learn about how to implement search engine optimization on page)

You didn't start a business to answer your phone

"Free Up Your Time" Package

Google Adwords Campaign Management

Get on Google today with Two Ads. Show Ads Locally. Show Up Online. Pick Your Budget. Monthly Marketing for Google search and monthly reporting with marketing strategies. Included: Two ad groups/topics, one ad in each group, list of keywords (five), negative keywords or phrases (five). Both ads created with a keyword in a headline, pain point stated and a benefit shared in the content and a matching landing page. Ads are micro-managed for the lowest cost per click and higher CTR (click through rate). Monthly reports shared with important tips and strategies. Three-month contract minimum for this rate. Monthly option available for an extra $150 mtm. 

$550 mo + ad spend with a 3-month contract

$400 mo + ad spend with a 6-month contract

"Going Solo" Package

Google Adwords Campaign Set-up

Need to get the ball rolling but you don't have time to conduct research on key words and phrases to include in the Google campaign. Nor do you have time to set up three (3) ad groups with an (1) ad in each group? Then reach out. Get up and running within 7 business days. Included: Up to 5 keywords in each group along with negative phrases or keywords, three ads, engaging headline with keyword, content solving a pain point, call to action included and matching landing page. All yours to manage and pay the ad spend.  


A small business owner needs to fully focus on steering the ship while a marketing freelancer  handles the promotion of the ship. This makes running your business and living your life much easier.

"Boost Visibility" Package

Facebook Business Page Organic Posts (20)

Here for you whenever you need help with projects that don't quite fit your skills and experience.

Boost your visibility organically with weekly Facebook posts that can show up on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Build trust and create community with page fans. Following the 80/20 rule, I will post organic posts onto your newsfeed 80% of the time to engage, educate and inspire your fan base (must have at least 300 fans/followers). Then 20% of the time, I will post organic posts to promote your products with keywords, seo, and hashtags. The goal for social media is providing valuable content to your target audience that moves them to recommend your site to others. Keeping your brand on top of your followers minds. Every time a post comes up, your logo will show in their newsfeed. Take away:

*I will determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts.

*Create content that resonates with your followers

*Promote your page (monthly) to generate more followers. (additional $50 ad spend).

$300 month to month (20 posts in newsfeed monthly) Organic Posts

$400 a month for FB Ads PPC ad and one targeted audience/monthly reporting.

Burning out is one of the most common factors in why many small businesses fail.

"Get Going" Package

Facebook PPC Campaign

Sell your products with Facebook ads but have them managed by a hands-on and knowledgeable marketing freelancer. 

Facebook works, it is just that  people suck at making Facebook ads work for them.  They don’t truly understand their target audience, so they place ads in the news feed of the wrong people, etc.

Facebook Advertising gives smaller companies a competitive advantage, if used correctly. (includes one ad/topics created and managed).

$400 + ad spend

"Claim Me "My Business Listings Package

Jump ahead of your competition. Get discovered on Google, Bing and Yahoo listings. This is a great place to start if you don't have a website yet. Or if you simply need to drum up more customers by getting seen by your target audience. This will help your SEO too! Get targeted leads, contacts and clicks organically.

$200 one-time fee

Be where your customers are and that is online, on Bing, Google, or Yahoo.

LinkedIn B2B PPC Marketing

"Life is Good" Package

The best platform in regards to targeting options. We can target a company, a location, and more. This is a more expensive cost per click channel but well worth it if you are dedicated and realistic. 

$750 a month - 3rd party ad spend (3-month contract)


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