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5 Star Rated Marketing Copywriter with a reputation for writing and managing ads that rank on the 1st Page of Google for high intent searches.  

Hi, Monique here. I work as a marketing copywriter and virtually - full time from a home office in NC. I write clear and concise copy for ads and or marketing materials. I work closely with small business owners and or their team to ensure that the ads help them STAND OUT and or differentiate their services so that they can increase their ROI. The ad copy that I create can be used for an email inbox or ads on Google, Facebook, NextDoor, Craigslist or Bing.

01 Ad Copy Example

google 1st spot microblading training classes vancouver wa march desktop 2022 - Copy.png

Google Ad Copy: Microblading Training Classes.

Ranked on the top of page.

Included to improve ad rank: digits to catch attention, keywords in headline and description, phone number ad extension, and included power words to evoke emotion.

02 Ad Copy Example

Google Ad Copy: Tree Service business in Texas- High CTR of 32.47% 

Created ad copy and improved the ad placement for client in tree service business by using: relevant Keywords in the Ad Copy, using emotional ad copy, calls-to-action, special offers to evoke them to take action.

over 30 ctr good guys oct 2023.png

Google ad Copy: PI Lawyer 1st Spot Ranking

car wreck lawyer seattle wa - Bishop Legal Feb 24 2022.png

03 Ad Copy Example

Created ad copy for long-term client and used tactics to improve ad rank. Included: unique selling proposition, calls to action, keywords, included digits to help ad stand out and used basic relevant keywords in headline.

04 Ad Copy Example

Google Ad Copy 1st Page: Tree Service Company 2023

Ranked Google ad copy on the 1st page for search term phrase with intent and in addition: included digits in the headline to increase ctr, mentioned USP of 25+ years experience, call-to action included, and attempted to evoke emotion in description to increase ranking.

Close up for Portfolio 1 austin tree service good guys.png

Google ad Copy: Furniture Manufacturer

05 Ad Copy Example

Created ad copy for client that made custom furniture from reclaimed wood. Ad copy successfully ranked on the top of a Google page for the search phrase : Custom reception desk Los Angeles.

A Busch Custom Reception Desk Los Angeles Rank 1st Page Aug 2021.PNG
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