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"Nothing In Life is Permanent, Be Humble." ~ unknown

"Treat People With Respect, If You Want To Be Respected " ~ Unknown.

Hello and thank you for allowing me to share.

My name is Monique. If you are seeking a no BS professional that is respectful, candid and upfront then reach out. (generation X here).



I am the owner of Business Advertising Media, LLC and this is a women owned minority enterprise. And it is licensed too. 


As for me, I have been in marketing and sales for over 20 years (don't want to age myself too much) and I decided to return to college. In 2013, I returned to college to complete my dual degree; BAS in Marketing and Entrpreneurship and a Digital Marketing Certificate. Along with a Graphics Art Certificate in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. (long story short).


Why did I go back to college? Well, I always had a knack for success and being highly analytical. And, I almost always won contest at work, received lots of praise from customers (in regards to my service style) and enjoyed helping people. I enjoy figuring things out too. And too often made tons of my money for these companies. And they rarely gave raises.


With this, I decided to go into business for myself since I was always great at what I chose to do. I loved marketing, hospitality and sales ~ so the rest is history.



However, since I can remember, I worked in retail, hospitality, customer service, property management, real estate, fine dining, hotels and casinos (in Vegas). 


Before that, (long ago in a little village) I actually was raised riding subway trains in a huge city called Manhattan and the Bronx. I loved the hustle and bustle and watching people from a window high in a building. I played on fire escapes, roof tops, alleys and basements. That is where we children played in the city. No other options.

We played handball against the building walls, blocked off the streets and the big kids played street hockey. Often, the bigger children would open up a fire-hydrant on hot days and we would celebrate on those sweltering days by playing in the water.


Fast forward, I have always been an entrepreneur. Always trying to figure things out and attempting to win at a procedure. I enjoy competition and being successful. I am highly driven and a very nice person. I have work ethics, respect and enjoy giving 200 percent. You will see what I mean. I am a volunteer too for the City of Lakewood Arts Commission and was elected the Vice-chair for the Arts Commission and get to plan and market fun events to the community of Lakewood.


Well, I hope this gives you an idea of who I am. The only last thing is that if you want an authentic, up-front, straight-shooter that tells you how it really is then reach out to me. Text me so we can set up a time to chat for 15 minutes.


(disclaimer: if you are a crabby person and wake up everyday looking for problems with man-kind or have been told you are crabby ~ don't call me). Seriously. I only work with professionals that are respectful and realistic. See my quote, under my photo. Thank you. 

Text me today at 425-273-4141 to set up a phone appointment to get your FREE 15 minute consultation and tips.

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