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Get Straight Forward Google Ad Management

Get on board with a search engine marketer that has a reputation for ranking ad copy on the 1st page of Google. Known for increasing ROI by 200% and conversions by 30%. Why would you risk your dollars with an unknown marketer at an agency?
Starting at $1000 + spend

Start a Google Ads 

Search SEM Campaign within 48 hours of on-boarding. 

 Conduct monthly on-going market research to finely define campaign audience

One (1) Ad Set Group

Preparation and Keyword Research targeting one landing page.

Monitor ad metrics closely for regular optimization to help reduce cost per click and increase the click through rate as applicable.

Craft (3) High Quality Search Text Google Ads in each ad Group

$799 month plus 3rd party ad spend with a 6 month contract. One (1) ad groups marketing one service, three (3 ) search text ads in that ad group marketing one service; to increase traffic to one landing page; managed, monitored and edited regularly to decrease cost per click and increase website visits. (Monthly reporting not included). Additional search text ads marketing different services $120 an ad group + ad spend.

(Rate offered with a 3-month agreement).

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Winston-Salem, NC 27052  /  Tel. 425-273-4141

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