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Facebook Content Marketing   | Google Search Engine Marketing | Website Design  | Short- form Copywriting


Get peace of mind with short agreements. Recession affecting your business? Not just a slow season? Or not happy with the marketing - then simply give a 30 day written notice to pause ads. It is that simple. 


Feel confident knowing that I am not learning with  your money. You are actually saving money. You are saving money on monthly ad spend because you have an experienced tree service marketer that already knows what ads work and that will optimize ads bi-weekly to save you money over time and up to 50%.


Stand out and scale faster with a knowledgeable copywriter that knows consumer behavior, your tree audience, and that has a stellar reputation for increasing business. Awarded the highest rating on Google and Facebook by small business owners - like you.

Woman-owned Business

With efficient responses and quick turn-around times - you will be happier and have more time to focus on your business. When you reach out - you reach me directly. There is no middle man to interfere with your time table.

In addition, working with a woman...just makes sense. Seriously.

It has been noted in many places that we are better communicators. And why is that important? 

Because marketing is about communicating.

Saving Tree Service Companies Money on their Monthly Marketing Ad Spend (CPC) while Attracting Quality Customers 
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When I first started working with Monique, I didn’t have anything except a small amount of equipment and high hopes. She took the time to make sure that my ads reflected everything that I was capable of doing and to get them seen by my target audience. In no time at all, I was getting calls for service. Within a few short months, my weekly schedule was full of recurring customers and I actually had trouble keeping up with the amount of work that I was getting. I could not have imagined that one person could make such a difference in my success. I’m so grateful that I found Monique. I highly recommend her services.

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Shannon Hunt
Yard Dog Lawncare Owner in Charlotte, NC


Tree Service Marketing Copywriter

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Hola! Well, in short - I currently work with a great Tree Service out of Texas and I also help a couple smaller tree and lawncare businesses. I know what ads work from experience and I also already know what long-tail keywords to appear for on a search engine result page.


You are getting a proven and experienced Tree Service Marketing Copywriter.  I am not learning about your industry or your audience - I already know. I am proven. (humbly sharing).


What is a copywriter? I write to persuade. I don't simply post that you have a tree service.

Why not?

Because you are not the only kid on the block with a Tree Service business.

It is my job to point out why a potential customer should hire you and not the other guy.

I do this with on-going competitor research, keyword research, copywriting knowledge, and I sprinkle the ads with calls to action, and use tactics like FOM - at minimum.

More about me - I have been in sales and marketing for most my life and almost always outperformed by cohorts. I worked in retail (and won almost every contest available for being able to sell whatever the boss told me to sell). Then, I went on to work in fine dining in Las Vegas (Ruth's Chris Steakshouse) and this is where I realized the importance of respect, humility and customer service. I worked as a VIP hostess and what a neat experience - meeting stars of Vegas.


While growing up in Las Vegas - I stumbled into the Real Estate industry - I really did well - I made lots of money for my employer - I also did well. I was even head hunted a couple of times and stolen from companies. 

With this, I realized, I had a knack (a natural) for sales and marketing. Fast-forward. I returned to college and completed a BAS in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and was a two-time merit recipient (humbly sharing again). 

Then, I went on to complete a Digital Marketing certificate - while working as a marketing volunteer for some city entities in WA state. After all was said and done - I decided to work for myself; instead of working for an inefficent and price - gouging marketing agency. I prefer to work closely with small business owners. I love being an extension of their business.

In review, what you need to know and what you will value is that I am humble, courteous but more importantly for you - I am very driven and competitive (I learned this much in my years).

And whomever I work - they will benefit. I am about you winning. If you win - I know I win. Call me now so I can help you get more customers faster. 

Get Tree Service Marketing for just $750 a mo + ad spend
(And a 30 day guarantee too)

($900 value - Promo ends May 1, 2024)

If After You Sign Up, You Don't Get the Results That You Expect within 30 days (the 2nd month is $0 ad management fee). Simply Let Me Know by the 30th and I will manage your ads for an additional month - as a thank you.

From there the ads will be paused - after the complimentary month. That Simple. Seriously. 

This promo plan includes copywriting (ads) for:  (up to 2 services) campaigns with 1-3 ads in each campaign. ( includes 10 researched keywords, up to 10 negative keywords.) Ad spend max $7k. (if you have a higher ad spend budget reach out for a quote.)

You must have a Google Ad Account already set up (Set up fee is $450 and created within 72 hours of hiring)

The fine details: You must have a professional designed website, be a brick and mortar location, and a positive rating online

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