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Easy Way to Get Free Traffic from Facebook

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

A suggestion if you want to try your luck at creating Facebook posts for search engine optimization but without the cost is to include a sentence or two with your Facebook posts. Often, business owners will just post an image.

Well, it does not work this way. Algorithms (rules of platforms) require words to understand how to index or cite your page or post to their search engine results page.

If you are posting an image and nothing else, then you just wasted your time. Even if your image has words, they can not be indexed by search engines such as Google search. So, your organic reach will go down.

It is in your best interest to use some words in a sentence and include it in your post and with an image.

The two go hand in hand. Don’t post words without an image and don’t post and image without words.

Now the important part. Do include a popular or high-ranking keyword in your content or post. So, if are posting about a product or service then include the main word always.

My service is marketing. So, in my post, I will surely include marketing, but I will take It up a notch and use a long phrase that includes the word marketing. For example, marketing for small business owners. That is more likely to attract the right customer and I can avoid attracting searchers simply looking to “DIY marketing.”

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