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Stop Paying for Clicks on Google

Solo business owner? If you are managing your own ads and using Google ads to run ads for your small business, then it is crucial that you stop paying for clicks that look fraudulent. There is a term that is used out there, and it is called "fraudulent clicks" or "click fraud."

You likely have not heard of this, but I can almost guarantee that you have lost money on these clicks. And more than once. This happens more than you think. If you are not checking the keywords that you are receiving clicks for - several times a week then you are likely losing hundreds of dollars. Which is a lot for a startup that only spends $600-$1000 a month.

I have seen small business owners loose $100 every week on “fraudulent clicks.” And with some larger accounts, thousands of dollars are depleted within a week.

By managing your ads month after month, you should be able to gauge what is normal, regarding clicks, for a certain keyword phrase (hoping you don't target singular keywords - if you are stop and instead target phrases with the keyword inserted somewhere in the phrase). If you need clarification on that then after reading further – reach out.

I have seen many ad accounts on Google (when called upon to audit accounts and or manage ads) in which a business owner’s ad spend is being depleted way too quickly and not by a potential customer.

It is simply a competitor, your competitor, that is typing in a search phrase and seeking your ad. Once they type into a search box in Google they will see ads - your ads. And other ads that are also targeting these particular search phrase(s). From there they start to click on ads. And then they click over and over and day after day.

It is that simple. Google does not care if you pay for a click completed by a competitor. And the truth is that they have no clue nor are they going to investigate. They charge for clicks that send traffic to your landing page (home page or sales page).

If you are already bogged down doing everything then you could buy software to help you; but that will cost more money. You can save by simply logging on regularly to check for excessive clicks on an ad and or keyword (phrase).

It is you that is supposed to be micromanaging your keywords and clicks 2-3 a week to avoid seeing (or not seeing - in this case) your monthly ad spend being depleted within weeks instead of within a month.

Yes that sounds like a lot considering that you are likely wearing a lot of hats already.

But save your money.

A simple step to avoid losing money and fast is to start with an account audit.

It can be a quick one.

Simply go back at least 180 days (in your Google ad account and look over the ads that are enabled). Warning, if this is the 1st time that you are logging on to look for a pattern of clicks then - you may want to take some blood pressure pills before doing so. You may have already been cleaned out of your ad spend.

Once you have taken an anxiety pill - then look for a keyword that is getting way! I mean way too many clicks.

You will know too from the backend. If your phone has not been ringing and sales are down, then it is likely a competitor clicking on your ads to get you from appearing on a search engine result page for that day.

It is crucial that you manage your ads at least every 3 days – if not daily. Or just plan on losing your money early on. Especially if the keyword is one that is extremely costly. A competitor can wipe you out quickly.

Once you get wind of which ad is being clicked on too often - then time to go at it.

Go to the keywords section to see which keyword is triggering the ad. From there simply scroll through the list of keywords (hoping you’re not looking at singular keywords – another way to lose money quickly), and if you have other keyword phrases that are similar but not being clicked on as much – then pause the keyword that is depleting your ad spend. That simple.

You will still have the other keyword phrases that you are targeting, that can populate your ad. Keep in mind that this does not prevent this from happening again.

Side note too is - when you are targeting keywords in Google, be sure to use "expert mode" and not "smart mode." There is nothing about smart mode that is going to benefit you. It only benefits Google since they are “smart.” Joking aside but true.

With “smart mode” you are not able to target specific keyword phrases that show intent. You are targeting keywords that will send traffic to your page but for many wrong reasons too.

For example, if you offer carpet installation and target the keyword “carpet” then you can also come up for “how to install my own carpet.” And then you paid for a click that would not likely get you a sale. It will help someone that is researching ideas. It is simply not worth targeting keywords over keyword phrases that show intent. A likeliness that a potential search will turn into a sale.

Now don’t go to Google and start clicking on your competitor ads – bad Karma.

The End


If you are targeting singular keywords on Google and or seeing an abundance of clicks for only 1 particular ad or keyword, then reach out for help or support. I charge a small fee to audit your account and it is well worth it - to save money in the long run. It all adds up quickly.

Text to book a chat at 425-273-4141 Monique Marcano, Virtual Copywriter Marketer


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