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Is Facebook for Business free?

Nothing is for free. I mean your time cost money? Or hiring someone to write your content cost money.

But in regards to paying a 3rd party ad spend then yes! It can be free - if you don't create pay per click ads. PPC.

Instead, create post (please really understand what I am about to say) that are of interest to your followers and 80 percent of the time. Absolutely nothing about your travel company. (assuming that is your business).

This is where business owners always fail.

They use Facebook incorrectly. And then, I hear them saying, Facebook does not work.

No...your posts don't work.

Come on? Think about it. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience or fans. (I am hoping that your fans on your page - are not just your family and friends).

Scenario numero uno: you follow a page for traveling tips. But then all you see is promotion after promotion after promotion after promotion. Get it? How annoying. Seriously. It would be enough for you to find that page from your Facebook notifications and UNFOLLOW.

Or you would start to hide their posts. They are just so annoying.

Scenario numero dos: you find helpful and inspiring tips on how to budget for travel, show gorgeous men (oops) show inspiring images on destinations, tips on how to be a travel writer and so on. You love these posts so much that you start to share it to your own page.

Success! That is what you need to do for your own Facebook business page. Write posts that get people inspired, educated and engaged and your reach will grow organically and because they share your posts on their newsfeed. This is the goal. (side note: yes, you will post about your promotions but only 20% of the time).

Remember, your logo will show up in their newsfeed each time an organic post posts. (assuming you figured out how to time those posts too to when most the followers are online - see insights to schedule your posts).

In review - If you own a travel business then post on everything about travel and NOTHING about your business (for every 10 posts on your page post two posts).

You post: inspirational quotes about travel, recipes that are from that destination location, dress attire for traveling, ways to lose weight before traveling, history about that destination, wine articles, fashion, and similar and do this 80 percent of the time.

And try to include some phrases that can come up organically so you can get - page views. Page views are free to you. Very similar to creating ads but you don't pay for these but they take much longer to get. That is why business owners pay for ads - to get views on their page and brand awareness.

So, is Facebook for business free? Yes. You pay with your time.

If you have any basic questions that have basic answers then reach out easily at: (girl on right with tattoo).

If you are tired of handling your own marketing and would rather conduct follow up with your clients and use your free time to enjoy life then hire me. My prices can be found at:

About me: I love traveling, reading on marketing, and learning. In my free time, I run a virtual marketing business from my home based in NC and help small businesses on Upwork too (short projects). I believe in helping people even for free and I often do this for my clients that hire me for one project (they get help in other areas too and for free).

I believe in being respectful, professional and responsible and only work with clients that are similar in such.

I work 7 days a week behind the scenes but make myself available Mon-Friday typically and when I am traveling abroad, I am still working behind the scenes.

Going to Portugal in Spring 2021. Excited but humble.

aABouABtIs Facebook for Business free?

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